SCARE: A Situated Corpus with Annotated Referring Expressions

This multimodal corpus was collected as part of our ongoing work on multi-agent collaboration in situated tasks. Each session in this corpus records the joint problem-solving of a pair of human partners working through a treasure-hunt style task in a virtual world. The corpus includes time-aligned transcriptions, audio files, quicktime movies showing the action as it unfolded in the virtual world, positional information from the virtual world's log, and state-change information on items that could be manipulated in the virtual world.

The corpus is freely available for research and educational use only, according to this User Agreement. It could be used for a wide variety of investigations, and is especially suited for investigating task-oriented dialog or deictic expressions in English.

Please email us your contact information if you plan to use the corpus, so that you can be notified of any future updates.

(illustration by Mariana Sharp)

Published Papers using the SCARE corpus:

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Please read the License Agreement before using the data.
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